Retaining Walls

The retaining wall blocks are midsize. They are large enough for the most demanding jobs but small enough to be handled with the light duty equipment used by many landscaping companies. The walls look great in a residential setting, where larger blocks tend to overwhelm the scale of the house. They have rock face finish for a natural look. Our various blocks can be used to build out any kind of configuration, including corners, curved walls, step blocks and decorative caps.

Wall sizes

8’ full block is 8’ x 1 ’ in height. Its weight is 2400 pounds.

2’ full block is 2’ x 1’ in height. Its weight is 560 pounds.

½’ block is 1’ x 1’ in height. Its weight is 280 pounds.

Right and left corners

Top recess blocks

Cap blocks

The blocks have tapered sides that can create curved walls. They step back 1 inch for every course.

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